Watching from the Extension
The best way to watch knowledge playbooks is using the Guidde extension. With the extension you can watch a video playbook directly over the application you were already working on without missing a step. You can speed up the play or decide to pause and observe more closely. And when you're done watching and knowledge transfer was complete, you can simply X it out and go back to working on the app you were already in. We call this Play on App.
Guidde player over the Coupa Supplier Portal
The player also provides you with some neat functionality that puts you in full control over how you watch any video and what info you'd like to see.
  • ❌
    - stop the player and resume work on your existing app
  • ​
    - share the playbook with your teammates, spaces, customers or partners
  • ​
    - show/hide additional info such as transcript, links, related files
  • ​
    - control the playing speed from 1x to 2x speed
  • ​
    - copy the link to the playbook
  • ​
    - go into the video studio and edit the playbook's video
  • ​
    - control the video sound volume
  • ​
    - control video player size - toggle between full screen or app overlay sizes
Guidde Player Control Functions
In the extension you can drag the location of the G icon up and down and place it anywhere on the right side of your browser. You can drag the G to different locations per applications as each application is different.
Guidde extension location is draggable and per application
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