Guidde for Slack
Introducing Guidde for SlackCapture, search and share application knowledge with your team or your customers on Slack or Slack Connect
Guidde enables you to search, watch and share playbooks with your team or your customers within Slack, available from the Slack app directory. Get notified in Slack when playbooks are being requested.
Guidde search within Slack

Integration features available

  • SHARE: Share new Guidde playbooks directly from Slack without needing to hop outside.
  • SEARCH: Use the Guidde Slack app to search within the entire Guidde Video Knowledge library
  • GET NOTIFIED: Directly in Slack any time you get a request to create a Guidde Playbook
  • WATCH: Any Guidde video playbook without leaving Slack

Set up your integration

  1. 1.
    Click on the “Add Guidde to Slack” link
  2. 2.
    Allow Guidde to access your company’s Slack workspace
  3. 3.
    You’re all set! Click on the “Redirect to Slack” link and start using Guidde within Slack.
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