Searching for Knowledge
Guidde's video playbook library is automatically indexed for easy searching. The library can be sorted by
Date - creation date of the video playbooks (newest to oldest) - this is the default
Recommendation - curated knowledge curtesy of Guidde's AI search engine
Guidde Playbook Library
You can easily search for a playbook with any combination of application, tags or even within the video's transcript. Guidde also enables you to filter your search and enhance the granularity of your results:
Guidde video playbook search options
  • Apps
    search within content relevant to a particular app
  • Tags
    search within user generated or automatic contextual tags such as application page
  • Creators
    search for content by individual creators of knowledge
  • Types - select from playbooks or playlist
  • Languages - search for content in a specific language
Once you search, the results appear as a list which you can also export and share with your team. If you click on a result that is within a video transcript, video playback would begin from the exact point inside the specific playbook.
Search results (for CPQ) across applications, tags and transcripts
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