Guidde Release Notes
March 2nd 2022
Video & Playlist Analytics - view events and activity reports for each individual video or playlist to understand your video engagement
February 2022
Branded public videos - use your company's brand in videos sent to your customers and partners
Watch duration analytics - understand your video engagement with the watch duration percentage in view notifications and activity feed
Custom thumbnail - upload a custom thumbnail or a cover page to highlight the topic of your video playbook
Space shareable invite - copy a shareable link to a space and invite your customers and team
Share track link GIF - Share GIFs of your videos now with customer tracking links
Default company spaces- automatically add every new member to your default company spaces
Tablet and Mobile friendly - make the video portal and library responsive for devices with small screens
January 4th 2022
Branded Video Portal - Create a white-labeled video portal for your customers and partners enabling them to self search and view content.
Featured Playbooks - Pin featured playbooks in a space to promote videos and playlists.
Roles - Introduction of viewers and content manager roles into the Guidde platform
Tracked Link templates - Now you can automate the creation and tracking codes for Guidde videos and playlist links within sales and marketing automation tools, like Hubspot and Outreach
Send linked GIF - Attach animated GIFs with your Guidde videos when sharing over email
Dec 19th 2021
Link Tracking - Share custom tracking links to view the user activity when people watch your content
Insights by Space - View activity reports broken down by a specific team, project or customer
Recordings with camera - Capture your screen or selected window, along with your camera bubble
Recording Workflow Detection - Instant organization of a Guidde recording using the extension to a multi-step workflow
1-Click invite for external users - your customers and partners can now join your dedicated space in a single click
Dec 1st 2021
Embed a Guidde - embed your Guidde playbooks and playlists in any webpage, knowledge base, wiki or LMS
Zoom Auto Upload - Automatically load all (or selected) Zoom cloud recordings
Public Playlist- Public access to playlists lets you share video playlists broadly with customers , partners and viewers that are not logged in
Chapters auto naming - Automatically name the chapters of your Zoom, MS Teams and longer recordings
User Chapters Control - divide a Guidde recording to chapters while capturing your screen in 1-click from the extension
Play on app link - This allows you to watch the Guidde video on app within the extension without moving to a new tab to watch a video
Nov 1st 2021
Share with anyone - Public access lets you share your knowledge base broadly with customers , partners and viewers that are not logged in, while keeping track of your analytics
Transcript Auto Recognition - Automatically improving the accuracy of words and phrases that are frequently spoken in your organization
Build a Custom Dictionary - Expanding your company vocabulary of words recognized by Guidde with products, customers or industry specific terms.
Chapters - Introducing chapters to automatically divide your Zoom, Teams and longer recordings to sub topics
Oct 13th 2021
Share to Space and Members - now you can easily share to any space or member to provide view access, eliminating the need to publish
Language Profile Settings - set your English dialect (US, UK, Canada, India, etc.) to improve the transcript accuracy
Record panel - added stop, delete and timer controls when recording via the extension
Trim time controls - you can easily set the start and end points with text when trimming
Video Player 2.0 - visual improvements to the video player in the Guidde application
Multi Upload from your local drive - now you can easily upload multiple videos from your local drive
Sort by in a Space - you can sort any space by creation date or recommended content
Sept 30th 2021
Connected Spaces where members can share playbooks externally with customers, partners and suppliers
Space Discovery - easily discover and join any space your team members created
Private Spaces - invite-only spaces for playbooks that should not be available to all members
Insights by customer - view report breakdown by a specific customer with quick links to its activity feed
Interactive Onboarding and getting started for new Guidde users
Native notifications for sharing, views, recordings and more in the Guidde extension
Notification settings to select what you want to be notified on and in which channel
Weekly Reviews Digest - a weekly email sent to knowledge creators letting you know how your content is
Sept 13th 2021
Video Reviews whether the content was helpful or not
Space view filtering your playbooks based on a team space
Audio control for Guidde's recordings
Control request assignment
Extend activity feed to last 30 days
Google drive support in shared folders
Cursor spotlight in native recordings
Space roles supporting viewers, collaborators and owners
Integrations page, one stop shop for all apps and add-ons
Aug 24th 2021
Activity Feed which displays all the search, view, request & share customer events
In-app tagging when recording using highlight and mouse right-click
Highlight and search in the extension using mouse right-click
Playbook leader board and Personal insights in the extension
Microsoft Edge add-on for Guidde
Request type definition (question, feature request, configuration change, etc.)
Send feedback directly to Guidde from the ext
Profile page new look&feel
Aug 18th 2021
Team Spaces where team members can share playbooks as part of specific topics and projects' context
Aug 17th 2021
Video editor 2.0 with enhanced trim, slice, split, merge, time keyboard control and more
Automatic language detection
Enhanced speech-to-text model in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
Reorder of a playlist while editing
Multi application playbook search and filtering
Auto complete users on share
Aug 10th 2021
Auto scrolling and transcript highlights
Shareable search results page
Copy a shareable link at a specific time in the video
Auto application detection from zoom
Auto tag extraction from any video
Slack app improvements
Aug 2nd 2021
In-transcript search - jump directly to the right spot in the video
View notifications - when people watch playbooks you created
View Statistics - know how many views each playbook has
Play on app in library - transports the video to the underlying app
Share Requests - with other people in your team
Quick edit - link to a playbook from the Guidde extension
Jul 19th 2021
Filters by app, tags, creator and language
Sort by Popularity/Creation Date
Speed Control in video player
Show animated gif on hover
Quick link to edit a playbook from the library and a playbook view page
July 13th 2021
Ask questions or send feedback with a recording
Quick link for a request in the extension
Multi selection to set an app, add tag, delete, or add to a playlist multiple playbooks at once
Slack app enhancements for search and playlists
Microsoft OneDrive integration
Copy a shareable playbook link
Copy the transcript to your clipboard
Copy link