Triggering a Video or a Playlist
You can trigger and display videos in your app based on any event. The player will pop up immediately without requiring a page load.
  • For sharing new features and announcements - emphasize them in the middle of your users' screen and find your sweet spot as for when to trigger it. You may want to count a few actions inside the app before bombarding the user with updates or new information, or at least let them complete the reason they logged in.
  • For on-boarding - create videos and playlists designated for users' on-boarding and give them the option to skip a full training, as you share knowledge with them along the way.
  • For clicking on links and tooltips - add a video to a page or tooltip to support your users as they journey throughout your app.

How to Use Video Triggers

Video triggering means displaying a video or a playlist when an event occurs. In order for triggering to work, you start by initializing the Guidde agent.
On any occurrence of a video you want to trigger, add the following block, substituting video id and video mode attributes below with appropriate data:'video id', 'video mode')
  • Video id = the identifier of the playlist or video which you can derive from the URL once you click on either the playbook or the playlist.
video id
  • Video mode = the video player location on the screen - center or bottomRight. Center is usually used for on-boarding, new features and announcements.

Video Trigger Example

Playbook triggered in the center

Playlist Trigger Example

Playbook triggered on the bottom right