Guidde Basics
After logging in, Guidde’s extension is enabled over the provisioned application selected for your organization. The extension appears as a Red tab with a G on the right hand side of your browser window.
Guidde extension (Red G) over Hubspot
When clicking on the tab, users are shown video playbook content relevant for the specific the page they are viewing.
Guidde extension (open) over Veeva Vault
Once clicking on a selected playbook, the video plays as an overlay on top of the selected application, and can be watched while working in the application.
Guidde player over Hubspot
Guidde playbooks are searchable - across all video, audio (transcript) and applications. We understand that no two companies use a single app in the same way - we enable you to capture and search the unique way your organization uses these apps.
Searching for playbooks from the Guidde extension over Hubspot
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