Embedding in a Confluence page
How to embed a Guidde playbook or playlist in a Confluence page
You can embed any public Guidde playbook or playlist within a Confluence page.
In order to embed a Guidde playbook in a Confluence page you will not need the whole embed code, but only the URL provided within the code.
First make sure that the playbook or playlist you'd like to embed is public.
In the embed window of the playbook copy the text inside the string src=", excluding the quotation marks( you get to this window through the playbook -> edit -> copy embed code link).
Open your Confluence page and click on the Insert button and then search for the iframe macro and click enter. You can also type "/" in the text and it will open the same menu.
Insert iframe macro in Confluence
Paste the copied URL into the URL field on the right.
Past the copied embed URL
Enter a width and height value (e.g. 100% and 900).
Set the width and height of your iframe
You can also give your iframe a title and choose to hide the frameborder. Now you're all set and can click on Publish.
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