Video playbooks
The basic building block in Guidde's Knowledge on Demand platform are video playbooks.
Playbooks are contextual snippets of knowledge that combine audio and video, coupled with application specific indexing that allows the playbooks to be played in-context and on-app - where and when application users need them most.
To make the most of your playbooks, Guidde comes equipped with a sophisticated on-board video editor. The editor provides you with multiple ways to edit and tweak your playbooks into pinpointed knowledge you can share with your team, customers and partners.
Here are some of the things you can modify in a playbook in the Guidde studio editor:
  • ​
    Name and description of the playbook
  • ​
    Application(s) - select one or more applications that this playbook relates to
  • ​
    Tag(s) - set one or more tags based on app/location/topic/other
  • ​
    Transcript - view or edit the transcript on the right panel of the playbook
  • ​
    Speed- control the playing speed from 1x to 2x speed
  • ​
    Link - copy the link to the playbook
  • ​
    Magic wand - automatically recommend edits to the playbook based on chapters/topics
  • ​
    Visibility - control the visibility of the playbook and who/where you want it shared
  • ​
    URL - underlying URL of the playbook or where you can play it on app
Guidde app video playbook editor
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