Record video knowledge
Guidde also enables quick and seamless capturing of knowledge over any app using our integrated recorder. You can access the recorder by hovering over the G of the Guidde extension and select the record button:
Record a video playbook over any app using the Guidde extension

Selecting the recording source

You can then select what part of your screen you wish to record
  • Your entire screen
  • A particular window (e.g your browser)
  • Or a specific tab within your browser
Guidde recorder select source

Stopping the recording

Once you're done recording simply click the red stop button on the right of the screen and the application will take you to the creator window where you can edit the video you just recorded.
Hit the stop button to end your recording
Once you've stopped the recording, you will be transported to our playbook editor page for the video you just recorded where you're able to edit multiple facets of the video and tailor it as you wish into your own playbook.
Video editor in the Guidde application

Microphone settings

If you have multiple recording devices in your personal setup (laptop microphone, screen microphone, AirPods, camera microphone, etc. you may want to select the proper input device for your recording.
The first time you record a playbook with Guidde, you will be prompted to select your default microphone.
You can then change that selection by clicking on the settings icon in the extension:
Managing recording device settings
Once you go into recording settings, you can select the proper microphone you wish to use for your extension recordings.
Selecting the default microphone for extension based recordings