Borderless Knowledge
If you analyze what makes winning organizations, a common denominator is the organizational underlying DNA and knowledge. Knowledge is by nature distributed and an organization's skillset in enabling seamless capturing, creation, sharing and transfer of knowledge both internally as well as externally, in many cases dictate the success of a company or an application for that matter.
Guidde's platform was designed as a Knowledge Exchange Platform
that delivers Knowledge on Demand for every stakeholder that a company typically has:
  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Consultants
  • Suppliers
Knowledge exchange begins with creation and the ability to capture knowledge that exists among any one of these stakeholders and share it in a secure and seamless fashion.
We believe that video
provides the best medium for capturing knowledge:
  1. 1.
    Medium - the video medium matches the message - applications are visual by nature - video enables the visual capturing of an application's screen making knowledge transfer immediate (even without words)
  2. 2.
    Audio - each video has a speaker audio providing insights and logic behind what is being explained. The audio track also follows the action on the screen for further learning
  3. 3.
    Creation - video is the original no-code platform - there's nothing simpler. Anyone in the world today that has ever used a smartphone knows how to create videos. If your parents can do it, you should be able to capture your screen in a click of a button.
  4. 4.
    Trust - combine all of the above - no longer do you get a 3 page article from a nameless author - video knowledge is created by people you can trust - your team members and partners, which you know also have the best knowledge
Knowledge exchange in organizations
In the next sections we'll show you how to create videos on-the-fly as well as transform existing short and long-form videos from sources such as Zoom recordings, GDrive videos or LMS captures, into searchable and actionable knowledge snippets that anyone can consume.
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