Knowledge on Demand.
Modern companies work as a team. Their processes are agile, their customers are their partners. Their lifeblood is their knowledge
Guidde helps teams put knowledge into action by capturing and organizing it on any software your business develops and uses.
Guidde application playbook page
Guidde enables companies to easily create, share
and consume knowledge on demand, using context-aware videos. They can be created on the fly, easily searched for and watched in the moment, when and where people need them the most. This helps businesses shorten time to knowledge, upskill their entire workforce, create a collaborative learning culture, enable their partners and customers and get back time previously wasted on inefficient application use.
Guidde delivers knowledge at the point of work
on-app and contextual - within the browser and on any app you choose. The right knowledge appears in the right place. Application knowledge is different by company, by role and by team.
Guidde extension - knowledge over Salesforce
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